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Tres Leches Cake 12
Tender sponge cake soaked  in three luscious milk covered  with satiny cream topping

Flourless Chocolate Cake 14
Made with finest Belgian chocolate,  delicately rich, smooth, moist and creamy 

New York Cheesecake 13
Classic thick cheesecake with strawberry & banana sauce

Mango Crème Brule 14
Homemade fresh mango crème Brulé 

Homemade Churros 11
Crunchy outside soft and tender inside  
served with salted caramel and  dark chocolate sauce

Gelato 8
Vanilla Bean
Double Chocolate
Mango Sorbet

AFTER Dinner 


Dolce Late Harvest Napa Valley $30
Fonseca Bin No 7 $11
Six Grapes Porto $12
Dow’s 10-year $12
Dow’s 20-year $18
Dow’s 30-year $22
Dow’s 40-year $30

Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte
Regular and Decaf Coffee                                                        

Scotch and Single Malt
Jameson, Black Label 12,  Macallan 12, Balvanie 12, Dalmore 12, Oban 14, Glenlivet 15, Lagaluvin 16, Dalmore 18, Macallan 18

Special Selection Bourbon
Stago jr. by Buffalo Trace Distillery, Elmer Lee, Rock Hill Farms, George T. Stagg Colonel E.H. Taylor, Rabbit Hole Cavehill, Rabbit Hole Dareringer, Jefferson’s Reserve very old, Jefferson’s Ocean aged at sea

Japanese Bourbon 
Kaiyo, Akashi, Nikka, Tenjaku     

Brandy & Cognac
Hennessy VS, Courvoisier VS, Remy Martini VSOP, Martell cordon Bleu VSOP, Armagnac

Casamigos (Espadin), Los Vecinos (Espadin), Machetazo (Cupreata), Cordon Cerrado (Espain 39)